Massachusetts Elementary Teacher’s Secret Life As A White Nationalist Writer Exposed

A Massachusetts elementary teacher has been let go after his secret identity as a white nationalist writer was reveled. Benjamin Welton, 33, was a teacher at Star Academy was fired last week after the Huffington Post reached out to the school once they learned the teacher was using the name Sinclair Jenkins to publish articles for a white supremacist website.

“No mercy for our enemies. Do not weep, for they are not human,” Welton wrote on March 31. “Treat those who want to abolish ‘whiteness’ with the same venom if not more. They deserve medieval punishments.”  He also used other pen names to advocate for violence and the establishment of an all-white ethno-state online.

A group of anti-fascist researchers, the Anonymous Comrades Collective, learned Welton’s secret online identity and shared the information with the Huffington Post. Prior to his termination Welton taught English, social studies and computer science at Star Academy. The former teacher deleted all of his pseudonymous social media accounts, under names like Jake Bowyer and Elias Kingston, last week.

Under the name Jenkins, Welton published an article for the website American Renaissance in 2017, titled, “From Wide-Eyed Liberal to Race Realist,” in which he chronicles a series of “political awakenings” he’s experienced.

Welton wrote, “once I began paying attention to the news, I started seeing why so many people in my hometown took a dim view of blacks. After Ferguson and Baltimore, I understood that pumping money into the ghetto would never fix things.” Welton, also a Boston University history PhD candidate, said his time in graduate school caused him to be disgusted by the “ingrained culture of anti-white hatred” in academia. Welton wrote in the article that he was a teacher.

“When I teach my students or write papers, I refuse to engage in cultural Marxism or in anti-white rhetoric,” wrote Welton, who also taught at Boston University and the University of Vermont

Welton previously wrote for a variety of major publications, including The Atlantic and Vice. Along with conservative outlets like The Daily Caller and The Weekly Standard.

Welton’s website, The Lovecraft Conservative, includes the following mission: ‘We believe in hierarchy, monarchy, the importance of breeding, and a definite and distinct ethnos.” It continues, “We are unabashedly European. We support Europa, Christendom, and her children scattered across the colonies. Our enemy is materialism; our enemy is liberalism. But we are not driven by hate, but rather by creativity.”

Welton, used the handle The Spooky Nationalist on social media admitted he was behind them all. “Interestingly, when we researched the pen name ‘Jake Bowyer’ we found that the URL for the ‘Jake Bowyer’ Gravatar page displayed another name, Ben Welton,” the Anonymous Comrades Collective said.

In an email, Star Academy administrators said, “We do not support, condone, or agree with white supremacism or white separatist ideologies.”

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