3 Black companies with stylish hair bonnets that would make Mo’Nique proud

Mo’Nique (Photo credit: Splash News)

Comedian Mo’Nique caused a social media uproar after posting a two-part unapologetic video on Instagram about Black women wearing bonnets in public, mostly airports. The Oscar-winning actress explained that Black women should not wear bonnets in public, as she believes strongly that it robs them of their natural beauty.

She said that her statements weren’t coming from a place of “judgment” but more a “place of love,” and felt compelled to speak out.

Many women agreed with her while others did not. One of Mo’Nique’s supportive fans chimed in: ‘I get what you’re saying. This was a big thing in my family. From my Great-great-grandmother to my mother, they always made sure that they were presentable when they went outside. And they told us, to always have on clean underwear when we go out. You never know what might happen!’”

The comedian stated that women do not have to have a face full of makeup, and lace frontal wig, but should look presentable as Black women. Fans that disagreed with Mo’Nique did so because they felt ones attire should not dictate how they are viewed.

Any woman who takes pride in her appearance knows it’s a hard job to keep a 40-inch lace wig intact while traveling. So we took it upon ourselves to find Black influencers with haircare lines that include stylish headscarves, bonnets, and hair products to maintain healthy hair. Among them, Toya Johnson “Before Bed Headz.” Kendra Johnson of “Kendra’s Boutique,” and Jesseca Dupart of the “Kaleidoscope Hair Products,” have the right products for all your hair needs, including stylish bonnets to keep your hair intact.

So ladies, are you rocking your bonnet or not?

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