J. Prince calls on the Houston community to help find his nephew’s killers

J. Prince (Image source: Instagram – @jprincerespect)

Rap-A-Lot Records founder and CEO J. Prince revealed Tuesday night, June 1, 2021, that his nephew was killed recently and called on the streets to help solve the crime. While details of the incident and Prince’s nephew’s name were not disclosed, the business mogul issued a vague warning along with a photograph of him and an unidentified young man in an Instagram post, saying he wanted justice.

“Houston We Have A Problem To Solve! There are a few renegade young punks, who went into one of my boys’ garage and shot my unarmed nephew in his heart and killed him,” the Southern hip-hop patriarch’s posts read. “These clowns have no principles, with an ‘anybody can get it’ type of attitude. I wish I could go back to the western days and put a ‘WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE- MILLION DOLLAR REWARD’ on them but that’s illegal, so I won’t do that.”

(Image source: Instagram – @jprincerespect)

The man responsible for turning acts like the Geto Boys, Scarface and Do Or Die into hip-hop royalty and spearheading the career of Drake further revealed that he didn’t respect fake “gangstas” who harm innocent people and called for the O.G.s to police the neighborhood and keep the communities safe as well.

“To all the real ones in every hood in H-Town, let’s not wait on the police to solve every problem for us. We have legal rights that need to be exercised to protect,” J. Prince continued. “I have NO respect for you n—–s around the world that call yourselves gangstas, killing unarmed, innocent people at nightclubs, homes, schools, malls, restaurants, churches or wherever! This is weak s— NOT gangsta! Real n—–s around the world need to come together to deal with these bad apples. I wish immediate karma to all those who intentionally kill innocent people. Reap what you sow!

“By the way this is not the ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ game. This is real life. Peace.”

Take a listen to J. Prince’s call to action message on the following page.

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