Michigan woman given a $385 ticket after her neighbor called the police on her for loudly talking on the phone

A Michigan was issued a $385 ticket after her white neighbor called the police and reported a woman was speaking loudly on the phone. Diamond Robinson told FOX 2 Detroit that she believes her neighbor called the police because she is Black.

Robinson told the news station on May 27, she was on the phone walking up and down when a neighbor who has refused to reveal her identity, confronted her and asked her to either end her call or “talk lower.” Robinson said she told the neighbor to “get out my face” and carried on with her conservation.

Robinson says Eastpointe police officers arrived and that’s when she decided to record the encounter on Facebook Live. Robinson says  because of the increase in incidents between Black people and law enforcement, she decided to record. “A lot of these things are being pushed under the rug, and they don’t need to,” she said. “We can sit here all day, and we can chant, we can riot, and we can do all of those things [but] that is not going to make a change if you don’t speak up at the time, at that moment.”

Robinson told officers that she had done nothing wrong by walking around her neighborhood on her phone. However, police wrote her a ticket for $385.

“I get a ticket for being a public nuisance because I’m talking too loud on my phone,” she said in the Facebook Live. “That’s why I got a ticket?”

“There’s no way police should be called on me when I am on my own property, in my own neighborhood on my own block” Robinson said.

Police officials told Fox 2 they ticketed Robinson because she “could be heard from approximately 150 feet away.” Authorities claimed they attempted to talk with Robinson failed. Officers believed she would continue to talk loudly on the phone, they issued her a civil infraction citation. Robinson reportedly declined to accept the ticket. Police said that the ticket was the “least intrusive” option.

In a statement to the news outlet the police department said, “The officers acted professionally when speaking with Ms. Robinson. Officers respond to all police dispatches and had no option but to go to the scene of the complaint. We expect our officers to maintain public peace. This can often be accomplished through discussions and negotiations, but sometimes enforcement action has to be taken.”

Robinson has since complained to police about her neighbor, and the neighbor as filed her own complaint to police as well. Authorities are planning to hold a mediation between the two residents.

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