Matrimony-dom: Did ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Star Juju Castaneda Secretly Jump The Broom In Vegas With THIS Man?

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Congratulations may be in order for reality actress JuJu Castaneda, who fans think seriously jumped the broom in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Wedding chatter began after JuJu posted a picture from her hotel room in Vegas with the word “Forever” and a ring emoji in her Instagram stories. Then a friend showed a video of JuJu and who appeared to be her groom walking down the aisle at Little Church of the West and being pronounced man and wife in what appears to be an impromptu down the aisle. Both JuJu and her man, who goes by the name @ceo22wayz on Instagram, giggled all the way down the alter where they sealed the ceremony with a kiss!

Watch it here. Does this look like a REAL wedding to YOU?

Neither JuJu nor her apparent groom have confirmed being legally married. The self-proclaimed CEO has. yet to even share a photo of his bride on his page. If they are. married, do YOU think they make a good couple?

JuJu previously dated rapper Cam’ron for nine years, appearing on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ with the rapper. The two were engaged for the last four years of their union until they ultimately called it quits in 2017. In an interview, Cam told Angela Yee that his and JuJu’s relationship stopped being “fun” after she questioned how he functioned on social media.

“Yeah but you know basically it was kinda mutual,” said Cam’ron. “For me it just wasn’t fun anymore, I met JuJu in 2002, she was my friend before we started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun. Once Instagram came out, I”m the one promoting her on Instagram, marketing her, showing her body, showing how beautiful she is without being too distasteful about it—[but] basically, it stopped being fun.
Then it started getting serious. ‘Why you following her?!’ ‘Why you liking this person picture?!’ That was my best friend for years and I think she felt that way too.”

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