Black locksmith accuses police of racial profiling in viral TikTok

An locksmith recorded his interaction with several police officers who confronted him as he was changing a lock what he said was a predominantly white neighborhood. The video was shared on TikTok on May 23 and has been viewed over one million times. An officer tells the man and his colleague they because someone called in the complaint. As of now the location of the incident is unknown.

In two separate videos on TikTok posted under the username @thereasonchi, captioned “Working in a White Neighborhood,” saying that at least four officers approached the workers who are seen with open toolboxes.

“Look at this sh-t,” the man said as the officers approached. One officer had an assault rifle in two hands, while another officer carried one on his waist.

“Is there anybody else in the house?” an officer asked.

“No, we’re doing a work order changing the lock,” the locksmith said. “You see the f-ckin’ drill set, right?”

“Put your phone down!” the officer holding the assault rifle said as he approached.

“I can record,” the man started to say before the officers told him he could keep recoding but had to put the phone down so nothing was in his hands. “No, I don’t trust you,” the man replied. “We ain’t doing nothing wrong, we’re here to change a lock change.”

“Understood,” the officer said. “We’re here for a complaint, that’s all.”

Another officer said a neighbor called after seeing the men kicking the door. “That what we gotta do, we gotta change the lock!” the man said.

“I’m just telling you why we’re here,” the officer responded.

“Guess they’re not used to seeing people like us out here,” the man’s co-worker said.

“Yeah, they’re not used to Black people,” the man said. Before the video ended, one officer left the home through the front door, asking who was in charge and requesting to see ID and a work order.

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