Sabrina Peterson Demands T.I. and Tiny Harris Apologize, Offers to Drop Her Lawsuit Against Them

Earlier this year Sabrina Peterson accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head has now offered the rapper a solution to his current legal issues due to those allegations.

Peterson went on social media account in January accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head in 2009 allegedly threatening to kill. Peterson’s has since filed a defamation lawsuit which named T.I., his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and hairstylist Shekinah Anderson, one of Tiny’s former best friends as defendants. The suit accused them of defaming her in their public responses to Peterson’s accusations.

Peterson’s accusations caused more women to come forward with their own stories involving the couple, with some accusing T.I. and Tint of sexual coercion among other things.

The entrepreneur’s January post prompted more women to come forth with their own stories involving the couple, with many accusing T.I. and Tiny of sexual coercion or worse. Peterson alleged that the couple drugged women and even forced them to engage in sexual activities. Since the accusations began the couple has, by way of their lawyer Steve Sadow, denied all accusations: “Clifford (T.I.) and Tameka Harris (Tiny) deny in the strongest possible terms these unsubstantiated and baseless allegations. We are confident that if these claims are thoroughly and fairly investigated, no charges will be forthcoming.”

In an Instagram Live Peterson was seemingly willing to drop the lawsuit against the couple and their former associate as long as they publicly apologize to her within a week. In the video according to The Jasmine Brand, Peterson spoke directly to them saying, “Tell the truth about me. Tell the truth about what you did to me and apologize. I’m gone. I don’t want one dime. I don’t want one dime.”

Peterson put a time limit on how long the pair has to accept and execute her request “And here’s the other stipulation, do it within seven days. Do this, what I’m saying right now, within seven days. Within seven days, tell the truth and apologize, and I’m gone. Sabrina, she done with. I don’t want one dime from you or xyz, but if I gotta keep drawing this sh-t out and keeps stepping away from my motherf-cking brand, I gotta keep stepping away from my weed and my weed jars. I gotta keep stepping away from my mother-cking packaging.  I gotta keep stepping away from my damn fundraising I’m supposed to be doing, my 12 million-dollar fundraise. If I gotta keep steeping away from my g-ddamn desk to answer these mother-cking calls, then it is what it is. Seven days. Seven days, apologize and tell the f-cking truth.”

Since Peterson took to her Instagram Story to elaborate on the allegations against her former friends. A brief portion read, “Imagine the new trauma & heartbreak I have endured in this season when as a documented public speaker, you speak about something that BROKE YOU TO THE CORE over a decade ago & knowing it was ok to speak on because you felt nothing to happen to that person criminal wise or monetary wise.”

In another part, she wrote, “Imagine still having to keep a smile in front of your child while wondering if you will lose everything because you TOLD YOUR TRUTH! Just imagine.”

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