Lizzo & SZA Get Low To ‘Bundles’ By Kayla Nicole Featuring The Taylor Girlz (Video)

Social media is where you can get news, post cute pictures, see which celebrities have drama, and more. Nowadays, everyone is utilizing various platforms to create fun and creative content. Now it’s several platforms folks can use, but it seems like everybody and their mamas are on Tik Tok, including celebrities. Celebrities love to create videos just as much as regular folks. They are quick to hop on the trending sounds and create a poppin’ video.

It’s hard to keep up with some of the most popular songs, but after taking a glance at my timeline, it’s a tie between ‘Bow Bow Bow’ by HD4President and ‘Bundles’ by YouTuber Kayla Nicole featuring The Taylor Girlz. Lizzo dropped the video of her getting her ‘Bow Bow Bow’ on via Tik Tok and Instagram and had the folks going crazy. She appropriately captioned the video, “Why is everybody so obsessed with this video?”

Although Lizzo has made videos of both songs, ‘Bundles’ may be her favorite. The Juice singer has made a couple of videos to the song. Four days ago, she used the song to help her show off her fresh silver tresses done by her hairstylist Shelby. Today Lizzo had to run the track back one mo’ time, but this time it was special. She linked up with SZA, and the girls cut up! SZA appeared with her signature ginger hair, but this time it was in a perfectly shaped afro. Lizzo switched her hair back to black, and both singers showed off their goodt knees by getting low.

Roomies, are ya’ll adding ‘Bundles’ to your playlist?

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