‘Central Park Karen’ who called cops on Black bird-watcher suing ex-employer

Christian Cooper (Image source: Twitter – @christiancooper)

Amy Cooper, the White woman universally denounced as “Central Park Karen” for filing a false police report on a Black bird-watcher, is now filing a lawsuit against the employer that fired her.

As rolling out previously reported, Cooper was captured on cellphone video feigning duress and danger during a 911 call. She made the call after Christian Cooper (no relation) had admonished her for letting her pooch run around without a leash in an area of the world-famous New York City park that strictly prohibits it.

Amy Cooper claims in legal documents her life has been ruined and her future prospects are nonexistent. She charges that her former employer,  New York investment firm Franklin Templeton, which immediately terminated her after the video went viral, is guilty of “defamation, negligence, infliction of emotional distress and racial discrimination,” according to the documents obtained by TMZ.

She also claims in the documents Franklin Templeton cowered to the court of public opinion and fired her without conducting a thorough investigation. Had company officials done their due diligence, Amy Cooper claims, they would have been apprised of New York City Park Board meetings which noted accusations that Christian Cooper had been bothersome to others in the past.

The premature termination, Amy Cooper added, cemented her nationwide image as a “racist” who flagrantly flaunted her White privilege in order to bring harm to an innocent Black man.

Furthermore, she feels empowered and emboldened by the fact that the misdemeanor charges of filing a false police report eventually were dropped. She fails to note, however, that the victim, Christian Cooper, refused to file charges or cooperate with the prosecution’s investigation.

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