82-Year-Old Black Woman at Risk of Losing Home of 35 Years, GoFundMe Started To Help

82-Year-Old Black Woman at Risk of Losing Home of 35 Years, GoFundMe Started To Help

A 82-year-old woman is at risk of losing the home she has lived in for over three decades. Marie Riggins has lived in the Carlton Square community of Inglewood, California, for 35 years and is fighting to keep her home after the community’s homeowner’s association left her with two options: pay the $38,000 owed or move.

Riggins and her late husband moved into the neighborhood in 1986, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she began to fall behind on the dues after his passing from complications related to pancreatic cancer. Riggins filed for bankruptcy following her husbands death and continued to work, while also relying on social security checks. However, she wasn’t able to get the money to pay for sum.

GoFundMe page has been created by real estate lawyer Nissan Thomas Esq. on behalf of Riggins explains that she has less than 30 days before she will be forced out her home. “The Los Angeles County Sheriff has placed a lockout notice on her door, and ​within less than 30 days, she will be permanently locked out of the home she has resided in for the past 30+ years.  Ms. Riggins has retained our services to negotiate additional time to stay the lockout.”

The statement added, “This campaign is designed to assist Ms. Riggins with whatever circumstance that may occur. Ms. Riggins is on a fixed income, so she needs resources to purchase her home, or in the alternative find another place to live.  If she has to relocate, she will need to hire movers, ​secure storage facilities ​for her personal belongings, and to secure alternative housing.”

As of now, the GoFundMe has raised over $73,000 for Riggins to cover her HOA fees.

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