Florida parents upset daughter’s yearbook photo was altered at her Florida high school

Florida parents of a student at Bartram Trail High School are outraged after receiving their yearbook and seeing their child’s photo edited without permission according to KHOU 11.

Riley O’Keefe was wearing an outfit on picture day which the school decided to edit the photo that appeared in the yearbook to cover up part of the student’s body. O’Keefe told First Coast News thought there’s a double standard and pointed out members of the boys swim team were in the yearbook wearing speedos.

“It doesn’t make any sense that they looked at that and was like, ‘This is okay, but this is not,’” she said. The teen’s mother says she was never contacted about retaking the photo.
“Yesterday she happened to be wearing the shirt again so after school, we went up to the school and asked if she was in dress code and they said yes. So, my next question was if the shirt is in dress code and is good enough for school and your school ID, why is it not enough for the yearbook?” Stephanie Fabre said.
Students and parents claim the situation is part of a larger dress code issue in the county that disproportionately targets female students. Several parents are reporting the same issue, and say this is sexualizing young girls.
Yvette Ballard daughter’s photo was also altered and says students are harassing her by sharing the photo on Snapchat.
“They are getting all this backlash on the children and they had nothing to do with it. So, now you’ve made them even more of a target,” Ballard told First Coast News.
The school district said the school is offering refunds to any parent who has an issue with the photos.

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