Celebrity Cribs: Big Sean Gives Architectural Digest An Open Door Tour Of His Beverly Hill Mansion [Video]

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Big Sean has achieved a level of success that has earned him a nice way of life. That nice way of life includes a home that used to belong to one of the most iconic rock n’ roll stars of all time, Slash of Guns N’ Roses. Sean Don opened his doors of his Beverly Hills home to the folks at Architectural Digest to give us all a virtual tour of the property.

Sean has only lived in the house for four years after he put $8.7 million into Slash’s pocket to become the owner of a club, a 13-seat movie theater and much, much more. Even more money went into doing away with some of Slash’s more…eccentric and over-the-top decor like the pirate-ship-shaped chandeliers and faux alligator skin wallpaper. Sean’s style is more clean and modern with touches of the ethereal and the artsy-fartsy. The 11,000-square-foot Mediterranean home also holds a recording studio that has been used to create all of his most recent albums. With 7 bedrooms, a resort-style backyard, and a saltwater swimming pool, it’s safe to say that Sean doesn’t really need to go anywhere to work or play.

Press play down bottom to have a look at how Big Sean is living.

What say you about Sean’s crib? Hate it or love it?

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