Daz Dillinger welcomes legendary crooner Al B. Sure! to the Dogg Pound? (photo)

Al B. Sure! (Photo credit: Shutterstock.com /Jamie Lamor Thompson)

The Dogg Pound has welcomed a new member into its fold, perhaps in hopes of building out its R&G fanbase. Daz Dillinger, one half of the iconic West Coast group, made the announcement official Monday, May 3, 2021, for his 592,000 Instagram followers, who collectively congratulated the New York-bred crooner.

Al B. Sure!, who rose to fame with hits such as “Nite & Day,” “Off On Your Own” and “Secret Garden” in the late ’80s and early ’90s, moved on to write, produce and introduce the music industry to acts such as Jodeci, Tevin Campbell, Faith Evans, David Hollister, Case and Usher.

The Grammy-nominated singer is seen donning a DPG (Dogg Pound Gangstas) diamond-encrusted chain, sporting a royal blue New York Yankees baseball cap with a bandana emblazoned across the letters.

Check out the video below of the Dogg Pound Gangstas vibing to “Nite & Day” below and be sure to click through to the next page to see Al B. Sure! rocking his new jewels.

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