5 Ways to Divorce That Beloved Fast Food Restaurant

Lucrative is when you talk about the American fast food industry. Come on, would you say anything less of an industry recording a whopping annual revenue of $110 billionThis is all thanks to 50 million Americans eating fast food every day. 

Of course, I am well acquainted with how fast life is today and how everyone appears to be starved of time for cooking. I know how the kitchen appears to be a million miles away when you come home exhausted from work. Why go through the stress of cooking when a darling McDonald’s burger or a Starbucks snack is just a reach away?

As ready and relieving junk food from fast-food restaurants may appear, they are actually killing you one patronage at a time. Have you ever thought about the hefty chunk of sodium and sugar unhealthily piled up in those foods?

The health risk is alarming. From depression to diabetes as far as fertility handicaps, there is a lot of damage each visit to that fast-food restaurant is causing you. How can you put an end to such relentless fast food patronage?

Make sure to plan beforehand

Meticulous would be a step too far, but it is important to plan your food regimen ahead diligently. Having your healthy meals budgeted and packed is one of the most efficient ways to manage your cravings. 

Such planning helps to mentally tune you to what to expect in your next meal. This saves from the impulsiveness (to grab an unplanned food) that comes with perceiving certain food smells or being exposed to specific food cues (typically from social media, chats and advertisements) as we go along our daily routine. 

It is not true that planning will make your dieting monotonous and lacking flexibility. If you ask me, you can space out your Sunday for your grocery shopping. Next, prepare sizable quantities of healthy foods you have been craving that would last you through the week. 

Get them preserved in foils or your typical storage containers. Every morning, say on your way to work, you can pack a cut that you would eat when out. 

With such efforts invested in introducing predictability (or certainty) into your feeding routine, you are far less likely to hop into that fast food restaurant either during lunchtime or on your way back from work. 

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