Former LA Sheriff Sentenced To 7 Years For Manufacturing Fake Raid To Steal A Half Ton Of Marijuana

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Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Marc Antrim receives seven years behind bars for executing a fake raid, in which he stole half a ton of marijuana and $600,000 from a legal marijuana warehouse.

Sheriffs press conference to announce a sheriffs task force targeting wage theft

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Los Angeles County has seen its fair share of tragedy, drama, and corruption over the past few years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Just last month, Vanessa Bryant was finally able to legally name the deputies who took pictures of Kobe Bryant after his helicopter crash and shared them at local bars. This highlighted a major flaw in the process and the people within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, just like Tiger Woods’ recent wreck and the fact that sheriffs stated they wouldn’t disclose findings in their investigation–which only further fueled conspiracy theories of corruption.

While those were both huge scandals, another one has been unfolding in the background that many weren’t aware of. In October of 2018, deputy Marc Antrim took a department SUV and headed out to execute a fake raid in a bold plot to rob a marijuana warehouse. According to the Los Angeles Times, the fake raid ended with Antrim and two accomplices stealing a half-ton of marijuana and $600K.

Antrim, 43, and several others carried out the brazen plot early one morning in October 2018. Antrim took a Ford Explorer from the sheriff’s station and pulled up to the legal marijuana distribution business, where he flashed his badge and a bogus search warrant to get inside.

Antrim, who was off duty, and two others dressed as deputies — Kevin McBride, 45, and Matthew James Perez, 44 — detained three warehouse security guards in the back of the sheriff’s SUV. Another accomplice, Daniel Aguilera, arrived in a rental truck, which the group loaded with marijuana.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, which patrols the warehouse location, showed up during the heist. Antrim told them he was serving a search warrant at the warehouse and put one of the LAPD officers on the phone with a man who he claimed was his supervisor. The LAPD officers subsequently left, and the heist continued with the men hauling two large safes containing the $600,000 into the truck.

This plot is about as dumb as it can get, especially when the suspects actually worked for the sheriff’s office and used real police vehicles and firearms. A truck rented to move the marijuana was tracked after the warehouse brought the footage to police.

Antrim pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in federal prison. Christopher Myung Kim, 31, of Walnut is serving a 14-year federal prison sentence. Three other accomplices in the raid are also serving time in federal prison for their roles. Jay Colby Sanford, 43, of Pomona, who was accused of serving as a lookout, got off light with five years of probation.

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