Giant Monitor Lizard Wanders Into Local 7-Eleven In Thailand & Climbs The Shelves To Reportedly Escape The Heat

Roommates, nature and animals always have an uncanny way of being responsible for some truly jaw-dropping moments—and in this case it includes massive monitor lizards. Thailand residents were shocked when an enormous monitor lizard wandered into a local 7-Eleven and starting climbing the shelves in an effort to cool down.

Imagine being inside your local 7-Eleven convenience store and a large monitor lizard comes inside and starts climbing the shelves. That’s exactly what happened in Thailand when an employee called local authorities in an attempt to get the reptile removed from the store.

Once the police arrived, they brought expert reptile handlers with them—who were fortunately able to capture the monitor lizard, drag it out of the store and ultimately lure it to a nearby brush of woods to safety.

During the now-viral video clip, customers inside the store can be heard screaming and laughing at what they were witnessing. Narumpa Tangsin reportedly recorded the video on his phone in Nakhon Pathom, which is a town just outside Bangkok, Thailand. It’s unclear why the lizard slithered inside the store, but experts believe it was to escape the considerably dry climate throughout the last few months.

For a little history on Asian monitor lizards, they generally reside in canals and ponds in humid climates. They can live for up to 22 years and reach almost six feet in length. Monitor lizards are the world’s second largest lizard behind only the Komodo dragon.

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