LisaRaye explains toaster comments, says she’s not a ‘colorist’

Actress and Cocktails with Queens co-host LisaRaye McCoy explained her comments that she made last week in which she appeared to support the colorist comments made by a New York radio host. McCoy says she believed Rob Lederman was just sharing “an opinion” when he compared Black women to levels of toasted bread on his radio show. The opinion got him suspended from his job.

“You don’t got a preference?” McCoy asked her co-hosts Claudia Jordan and Syleena Johnson. “How [do] you say it? ‘I like mocha chocolate opposed to cappuccino?’”

McCoy stuck to her position despite pushback from her co-hosts.

“I don’t know. I’m not there with it. I just think that we’re so sensitive now,” McCoy said. “Everybody gonna get caught up now because I think everybody is gon’ be so sensitive and ain’t gon’ know what to say and how to say it, and it’s going to take the fun out of everything, and everybody gon’ get slapped with lawsuits and defamation, and it’s gon’ to be tedious, and ain’t nobody gonna be able to talk about nothin.”

McCoy was later asked the situation by TMZ while out in Los Angeles, where she clarified the remarks, saying that her granddaughter is darker than her.

“I was commenting on his preference to Black women, that’s what I was talking about,” McCoy said. “You know, my grandbaby is brown-skinned, so by no means would I want my grandbaby to think her grandmother is a colorist. I know what my preference is. And I can’t stand by someone that doesn’t — that’s a racist — and I don’t know that about them. I can’t even comment on that, I don’t even know.”

McCoy was accused of “light-skin privilege” for the second time after defending rapper/model DaniLeigh for her song, “Yellow Bone (That’s What He Want).”

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