SK8 Says He Started Smoking In 8th Grade On This Week’s Top 5s

SK8 details the first time he ever smoked at age 13 on this week’s Top 5s.

This week, 26-year-old Nathan Montgomery Maloley, better known as SK8, spoke with HotNewHipHop about his Top 5 things to do in his hometown, Omaha, his favorite restaurants, his favorite basketball players, of which his #1 was Kobe, and more. SK8 also talked about his top 5 favorite weed strains, which he had a funny anecdote to go alongside. He recalled that his first time smoking was when he was in 8th grade, hanging out with some older kids. 

“Yeah, first time I started smoking was… I think I was, middle school, 8th grade, so I’d have been what? 13 or some sh*t? You know, I tried it out… it was the older homies though. I was always kicking it with the older homies… homie had like a van, he had something rolled up I ain’t never smoked before. He was like, ‘you gotta try this.’ I’m like, ‘I heard about this, I don’t know, they talkin’ about this the gateway.’ And I said shit, let’s do it. And they passed the blunt to me, and it was a wrap after that.”

SK8 also cited his love for chicken during the episode. He called Chick-Fil-A one of his favorite restaurants, saying he “could eat that sht for lunch every fcking day.” He also put a chicken finger basket as his top 3 snack, saying, “Chicken fingers and fries. That’s my sh*t.” Those are some pretty strong feelings!

Check out all of SK8’s top 5 favorites in the newest episode of Top 5s. 

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