5 Common Morning-After Pill Mistakes You should Never Makes

The efficiency of Emergency contraception (EC) is the world’s worst kept secret. If taken within 120 hours after sexual intercourse, they can prevent pregnancies 9.5 times out of 10. Not bad, right?

However, despite this remarkable effectiveness, the chances of failure with EC can’t be fully eliminated. The chances of such failure are even amplified when we make ridiculous errors.

No, taking medication that interferes with birth control is not the only mistake you can make, dear. How about I tell you five errors you have been making that could make you a mom sooner than you thought despite being “fortified” with your EC?

1. You waited too long to take it

Come on, speed is not only critical in the Fast and Furious movie franchise, it is also crucial in taking your morning-after pill after unprotected sex. 

Famous ECs like Next Choice and Plan B lose a massive chunk of their efficacy if taken later than five days after sex. The best period for your EC to deliver maximal results is within three days of sexual intercourse. Within this period, they boast efficacy as high as 89%.

These ECs are only effective because they inhibit the egg release from the ovaries. Therefore, if an egg has been released before you take the EC, fertilization chances are significantly raised. 

2. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) may be too high

Yes, I know it is shocking, but your BMI score can affect the effectiveness of EC. This is considering the distribution pattern of the drug being affected by your BMI. 

No body shaming here, but an insightful European study revealed that Levonorgestrel (one of the most popular ECs taken) is not as effective when taken by women above 165lbs. Want a shocker? The study found that Levonorgestrel doesn’t even work at all in women weighing above 175lbs.

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