Romeo Miller says California police held him at gunpoint until they recognized him

Romeo Miller says police held him at gunpoint until they realized who he was after he was pulled over near UCLA campus.

According to Blavity, Miller talked about his experience during an interview on The Mix. He says the officer approached his car with a weapon drawn.

“In UCLA, you get pulled over there, you better have that camera recording because they don’t play no games. The guy pulled me over at gunpoint, a Black cop, and he was like ‘Is this a stolen vehicle?’ I’m like ‘Relax. Just come check my registration and get my driver’s license,’” Miller said, according to the report. Miller went on to discuss after being asked if he’d stolen the car, the police officers realized he was famous.

“When he saw it was me, he said ‘Oh, Romeo Miller? Oh, you good. I thought you were just some random Black dude.’ It’s scary for me because my brothers ain’t famous. They bigger than me at 6’4, 6’5. These guys are intimidated by Black men,” he said.  “I have little brothers that look like grown men and it’s like, what are they going to go through if they don’t realize, ‘Oh I know you from TV, so you’re not a threat,’” he said. “It’s sad that we’re looked at as a threat because of the color of our skin. But it is real. I’ve been in that situation too many times.”

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