Jalen Daniel moves forward in fashion with new clothing line

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Jalen Daniel, a 19-year-old student at the Ohio State University majoring in psychology, is a naturally self-motivated entrepreneur and clothing designer who along with his robust academic pursuits has recently launched a new clothing line. Daniel credits his business acumen to his participation in a summer leadership that prepared him to become an influencer in the fashion industry. “Innovative Ambition is the future, and I want people to be aware of it,” Daniel says of his fashion-forward line.

The energetic and affable entrepreneur spoke with rolling out recently about his work ethic and fashion aesthetic.

What has changed most for you since you started designing?

The biggest thing that changed from when I first started designing is my mindset. When I started designing it was for entertainment purposes until I realized that this could become a trend. Once I became aware of the design’s possible influence, I knew Innovative
Ambition would take off.

How does social media play a role in promoting your designs and marketing your business?

Social media plays a big role in everything; it gives you a chance to reach an audience you thought you’d never be able to reach. Once I realized the importance of social media within business and culture, I began to take the initiative to focus on social media

How do you want to impact the culture with your creative designs?

A lot of us are institutionalized and grow up to be put in a box. With my design intentions, I hope to change the way people think. We are strong people and in order to shine, we have to open that box and stand out in a crowd. Be creative, be innovative, think differently and
use your ambition to reach those goals.

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