Aht, Aht: Houston Scammer Faces 30 Years In Prison For $3.7 Million COVID-19 PPP Grifting, She Bought Homes, Cars, Jewels & More

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Jail is only slightly better than hell but this broad might end up going to both!

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Since the federal government started giving out money to help people and businesses stay afloat, hundreds if not thousands of people have reached their greedy-a$$ hands into the cookie jar to swipe a few dollars. Part of us is shaking our head in disgust and the other part can’t even really be too mad. Scamming is the American way, except it’s only ok if the big business or the government itself does it.

Enter 37-year-old LaDonna Wiggins. LaDonna lives in Houston and according to ABC13, she has been indicted by the U.S. Justice Department for stealing $3.7 million dollars in Paycheck Protection Program money that was allocated by the CARES Act. Listen, we can understand a certain amount of scamming to make a few bucks but THREE-POINT-SEVEN MILLION?!? It’s one thing to be stupid but stupid AND greedy do NOT go together.

LaDonna submitted and was approved for two PPP loans that totaled $3.7 million. With her newly-acquired ill-gotten gains she purchased two homes, multiple vehicles, lavish luxury items, paid down her personal expenses.

The Justice Department lists some of the purchases as nearly $725,000 for homes in Katy and Cypress, $78,000 for a 2020 Land Rover and a $63,000 purchase at Chanel.

Other purchases listed by officials include $46,000 at Neiman Marcus and $14,000 at Apple.

If (see: once) she is convicted, LaDonna could potentially spend the next THIRTY YEARS IN PRISON and have to pay. $1 million fine.

Hope the rodeo was worth it…SMFH.

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