‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ryan Henry Accused of Sleeping with ‘Cancer Stricken’ Best Friend’s Baby Mama and Mother Of Godson

I guess we all need something to do during the pandemic, and Ryan Henry from Black Ink Crew seems to have been filling his time with the mother of his best friend’s child. The show is on hiatus and it seems like the relationship he had with his best friend of years might be as well.

While Ryan’s been off sowing his oats, fellow cast member Charmaine Bey has been reaping the harvest of her own, giving birth to her first child, girl Nola Bey during the pandemic. She’s been showing off her bundle of joy proudly while trying to maintain sanity as a new mother during all this, but she caught some backlash of another kind for her own actions.

Back in December 2019, Charmaine shared how difficult it was being pregnant while simultaneously grieving the loss of her mother. “Obviously [my pregnancy] is something I wanted to share with her,” she began. “It hurts so bad that she won’t be here for this. But on the other end, I am grateful that I’m pregnant right now because I have to process her death with a sober state of mind. I can’t run to any vices to get through this. Being reminded that there’s life inside of me does bring joy.”

Walker posted a TikTok “water challenge” video to Instagram, which she captioned, “Neek didn’t think this was funny. No babies were harmed in the making of this video.” Including newborn Nola Bey in the challenge drew fire – from both her fans and also even her husband. The so-called “water challenge” involves parents splashing water from water bottles onto their unsuspecting children.

In the end, Charmaine clapped back at everyone, justifying her actions and sharing how her mother and father did the same silly things with her. “Some of you guys got your panties in a real bunch. My baby is fine! She didn’t cry. I didn’t harm her. It’s water! This post isn’t for everyone but some people who aren’t so stuck up might find the humor! My parents did dumb funny sh-t to me all the time. I’m having fun with my family.”

The backlash the Black Ink Crew star and WGCI radio host’s flare up of mess was mild to what show star and shop owner Ryan Henry is facing.

Ryan Henry’s was accused by his best friend Anthony Lindsey, on Instagram, of sleeping with the mother of his child behind his back. It should also be noted that the child is also Ryan’s godson – and his best friend also recently beat cancer. The two have been friends for over a decade, making the deception even more hurtful to the maligned friend.

Henry’s also threatening to fight his alleged friend after he revealed the whole thing to Ryan’s ex and Lindsey’s friend, escalating an already terrible situation.

Despite Ryan’s on-screen off-and-on again relationship with the mother of children Rachel Leigh, it seems as if the three friend’s relationships have been stretched by life and time. While the show is still on hiatus and seemed to have a shortened season because of the coronavirus pandemic, one can wonders if we will see any of this spill into the next season of the hit VH1 show.

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