Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris Allegedly Married to Two Different Women, Fans Confused After Both Women Claim To Be Married To Singer

While gossip these days tends to go fast and wide, one name you don’t normally hear involved in much scandal is the group Boyz II Men. They’ve been, well, men for quite some time and seemed to be mostly harmless. The group has mostly been doing residencies in Las Vegas, but it seemed the Internet noticed that one of the members has taken up residence – with another woman not his wife.

Wanya Morris is one quarter of the Grammy award winning, iconic R&B group Boyz II Men. His voice is one of the more recognizable ones in the group and he’s held down some of the group’s most iconic songs. During the 90’s, Wanya had some moments were he broke out of the group in other, pop culture ways, however.

One of the most famous mentions during that time was his relationship with singer Brandy. The two shared a duet with Brandy’s song “Brokenhearted,” which became a hit for her and one of the few times that Wanya became a recognizable name outside of Boyz II Men.

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At the time of their pairing, there was considerable noise around the fact that the two apparently began dating, doing more than singing at the early height of Brandy’s career. The cause for concern came because of the age difference between the two. Brandy was 15 and Morris was 21, 6 years older than her.

The two met because of the group inviting Brandy to open for them during their 1995 national tour and dated for two years, though they kept the relationship from prying eyes. Still, once it dissolved, it became public and it crushed Brandy at the time – because he broke up with her after falling in love with someone else.

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She told VH1’s Behind the Music at the time what the loss of her first love did to her. “He fell in love with someone else. The worst feeling is to be in love all by yourself. That feels f*cked up, honestly,” Brandy said. “It does and that’s the only way I can really put it. It felt like somebody had completely taken my heart out of my body and just crushed it.”

Well, many are starting to wonder if Wanya’s wife feels the same way Brandy did back when she was 19 after she may have found out that Wanya had moved on as well.

Intrepid internet fans have somehow discovered that Wanya Morris may have gotten remarried to another woman, without having divorced his current wife – and mother of his children.

Putting a puzzle together, Morris has 6 kids with wife Traci T. Nash-Morris, with the two having been married since 2002. However, fans found a wedding happened between him and a woman named Amber Reyes-Morris, with no proof of a divorce found as of yet between him and Nash-Morris.

Last year, there was also a post, taken by Floyd Mayweather’s assistant, that featured Morris and Reyes clearly celebrating a marriage – with Mayweather also featured in the post, showing that there was definitely some type of relationship between the two.

Given Boyz II Men’s Vegas residency and history, and Mayweather’s history with the city, it’s pretty safe to say that someone’s marriage has come to the “end of the road,” even if we’ve not heard confirmation of that yet.

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