Governor Andrew Cuomo Delivers Powerful Response To Recent Protests—“I’m With The Protestors”

Roommates, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been working tirelessly for the last few months to combat the coronavirus that devastated New York—well now he’s voicing his opinion on the recent protests. During a press conference, Andrew Cuomo didn’t hold back as he made his thoughts very clear on current protests and police brutality throughout the country.

Following his appointment of Attorney General Letitia James to carry out an independent investigation into the NYPD response of protests in Brooklyn over the police killing of George Floyd, Governor Andrew Cuomo called for unity, answers and accountability. “People deserve answers and they deserve accountability. We beat this damn virus and if we’re smart we can beat the virus of racism,” he said.

Cuomo continued, adding “I have no doubt the mayor and the police are going to have serious conversations about what happened last night.” Then he listed off victims of police brutality and called the murder of George Floyd a casualty of a centuries-long legacy of racism in America.

Andrew Cuomo called out some of the past victims of police brutality by name, including Eric Garner, the unarmed Staten Island man who died after a police chokehold, along with Amadou Diallo, who was killed in a hail of police bullets in the Bronx. He also referenced that it’s been 30 years since the Rodney King situation and things still haven’t changed.

“How many times have we seen the situation? The names change but the color doesn’t,” Cuomo said. “It’s this nation’s history of discrimination and racism. I also feel the outrage.”

While critical of police tactics, Cuomo lauded the spirit of frontline workers who helped the city get through the worse of the coronavirus pandemic. He denounced attacks against police and called for calm. “Yes, outrage. Yes, anger. Yes, frustration,” he said. “But not violence.”

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