African Americans Must Now Begin A Mental And Physical Exodus To Africa

The simple but difficult truth we must admit as a people is that America was not designed to favor the Black man, nor was it created for him to thrive unhindered.

History shows us that America was built by the Black man – enslaved Africans whose freedom and liberty was taken away by slave readers, slave traders, and slave owners.

And though America became great from the sweat of the Black man, the Black man holds no rights to that greatness.

That greatness is appropriated only to white America and then the little crumbs are given to any Black man who chooses to serve under the table of white-supremacy.

Pieces of evidence of brutality in far and near American history has proven to us that the Black man is not welcomed in white America.

The Black man has lived under a continuous threat to his life, livelihood, property, and identity.

The gruesome murder of George Floyd and the hundreds of Black young men and women just like him, clearly shows that white-America through some elements in her police force is on an agenda to exterminate Black people and weaken their spirit through continuous bullying and killings.

Although these murderous tendencies is not in the character of every white person, the instructions, such as the police, have found a way to recruit and train the white racists, giving them state power to persecute Black people.

So what is next for Black people?

Do we continue to March on the streets, and wail on social media, or do we take decisive action, to correct the situation?

The Igbo have an adage which says: “Onye a jụrụ a n’arọ ajụ onwe ya”

This means that “a person who is rejected by someone or a people, does not reject his or herself.”

If White America has rejected Black people, and designated them for systemic elimination, Black people must not in turn reject themselves by continuing in their servitude for a colorless America.

Because in all honesty, America is made up of various colors, and the white race believes themselves to be superior.

African Americans must look back home to the motherland and start a gradual but definite mental and physical exodus.

This journey would not be easy. But it will be possible if much intention and action are employed to its actualization.

Africa has enough resources to provide for the African-American people, businesses, and organizations; and there exist governments and organisations in Africa that have opened their doors to accept our brothers in the diaspora.

A country like Ghana has opened up its lands, resources, and VISA to African Americans who are willing to naturalize and return back home. They did this through the “Year of Return” program.

With such moves, there is hope for the gradual exodus of our brothers and sisters in America, who have faced insurmountable dangers, racism, and victimization, for the color of the skin and their heritage.

Although a lot of work is still meant to be done in reducing and totally eliminating the influence of Europeans and their governments over African resources, politics, and government in Africa, we believe that our brothers in America would be safer back home.

The advantage of this exodus will be tremendous, in all endeavors for the African-Americans, and the Africans back home.

This article is to poke your brains, minds and conscience, to prepare for that which must and should happen, for the preservation of the African-American lives and society.

Together we are stronger. And there is no better place to build that home than back home.

History Of Unlawful Killing Of Blacks In America

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